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How to mint

Connect your wallet

Use Trust Wallet, Metamask or any wallet to connect to the app.

Select your quantity

Choose the desired number of NFTs you want to acquire.

Confirm transaction

Review and authorize the transaction in your wallet.

Receive your NFTs

Once confirmed, your NFT will be delivered to your wallet.


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Arabian Punks Roadmap

Phase 01


Exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce Arabian Punks to the world, and to celebrate, we're offering these incredible NFTs for FREE during our initial launch.

  • Release FREE NFT
  • Grow Community
  • Launch The Project
Phase 02

Price Increase

As demand grows, we'll gradually increase the price to $1 per NFT during our 25% Sale phase.

  • Increase NFT Price
  • Grow Community
Phase 03


In our 50% Sale phase, a significant portion of the proceeds will go directly to supporting Palestinian children affected by conflict. We're committed to making a meaningful impact where it's needed most.

  • Donate Money To Save The Children
  • Grow Community
Phase 04

Air Drops

At our 75% Sale, get ready for an abundance of giveaways and airdrops! It's our way of giving back and showing appreciation to our amazing community.

  • Air Drop NFT
  • Grow Community
  • Giveaway Ethereum
Phase 05

Sold Out

And for our grand finale at the 100% Sale, we're doubling down on our support for the cause, amplifying our donations, and hosting an array of engaging community events, minigames, and surprises. Plus, the larger the project and community, the more exciting things we'll cook up together!

  • Host Events
  • Grow Community
  • Send More Donations

Frequently Asked Questions

Initially, during our launch, Arabian Punks will be offered for free. As the sale progresses, the price will increase incrementally.

Yes, you can join any phase of the sale, but keep in mind that prices and incentives may vary throughout the different phases.

During specific sales phases, a portion of proceeds will be donated to aid Palestinian children affected by conflict. We're committed to making a meaningful impact with your support.

At the 100% sale phase, we'll host various engaging events, including community games, challenges, and interactive experiences to involve and entertain our community.

Arabian Punks holders gain access to exclusive perks, community privileges, and potential future opportunities tied to the project's growth and development.

Arabian Punks are typically stored in compatible digital wallets that support NFTs. We'll provide detailed instructions on how to securely manage your digital collectibles.